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Monday, January 6, 2014

Fabulous Fourth Graders

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ANIMOTO in our class this spring.  I made this during the summer.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

During the fourth grade year we will be helping your child make "Good Choices" through our Religion program.  We will enjoy learning more about the Old and New Testaments.



In Reading we are thrilled that the 4th grade becomes part of the Accelerated Reading Program.  Each child will have a reading goal for each quarter.  There will be time in class for them to read.  They are encouraged to read at home as well.  The children have been given their passwords.  They may not take any of the tests at home; however. THIS SITE CAN BE REACHED THROUGH THE IHM WEBSITE.

Indiana History is the topic in Social Studies.  We feel it is an honor to learn about our great state. We have a wonderful study trip to the State House planned for the spring. In the spring we also look forward to our study trip to the Indy 500.  It is a chance for us to experience everything we have been learning about throughout the year.

Science is exciting and interesting.  One of the highlights is our trip to a Limestone Quarry.

In Language Arts we have two special writing projects that are published as books this year.  Our knowledge of conventions, mechanics, and many of the other 6+1 Traits the children have been learning, will be displayed through these works.

Lexia:  The children will continue to be encouraged to work on the Lexia site at home. The children can access this on line.  Passwords will be given in October.

In Math the children continue to be challenged and motivated with our "Everyday Math" program.  A strong knowledge of all the math facts, +,-,x. and division, is crucial.  Below is our math site that goes along with our book.  There are many wonderful activities for the kids to do; including a great fact dash game.


Aleks:  This individualized math program is highly effective in improving as well as challenging each child to reach their highest potential.  I am asking that each child work on this program 30 minutes a week.  I will be sending home a calendar so that you can sign off on this as soon as your child has met this challenge for the week.